Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Stuff!

Sorry its been so long! The Christmas break was not at all busy for me. Three weeks of just sitting around writing screenplays and scripts and stories. Everyone went out of town and I was banished to my red interior van to live the lonely life. No biggie. But I did get to do one thing fun. I have been wanting to kinda start a little business on the side, something ive always wanted to do. And Im giving it a test run on the 27th of this month January. Im inviting all of you to come out for it because its gonna be the biggest thing since the Beatles.

This is where its all going down! Its my friends pizza place in Provo and its soooo good. Im going to be there with my lifelong friend paul to kick off this cool new thing of mine. Im not making any money so dont worry, this isnt a plug. I just really want you guys to check it out. If you like eating pizza with friends and also having a blast playing a game at the same time, then this little idea of mine is just for you! So we'll see you on the 27th! In the meantime I will try and blog a little more and about van stuff.

Speaking of which, I almost froze to death a few days ago! I fell asleep and it got down to about 8 degrees outside. Something happened and my blanket was unplugged. I was unprepared for it, meaning I didnt have my other ten blankets on me and a few hours into my sleep I woke up convulsing. I couldnt feel my extremities and couldnt even really think at all. I literally was frozen and couldnt move. My eyes couldnt focus and when I tried to open my mouth my lips were kind of stuck together and I had to pull them apart. I eventually was able to get into a house and rolled around on the floor til I warmed up enough to climb the stairs. IT was scary. It reminded me that this is not the safest lifestyle out here. Since then I havent been sleeping well at all, waking up every few hours out of worry. But so far so good! More updates soon!

For more details on the party we're having on the 27th, click on the Facebook link thing underneath the blog title on the left!


  1. Hello! I casually stalk your blog whenever I think about. I think what you're doing is totally awesome; I wish I had the courage do something similar. I have a random question, just something I've wondered about as I read your stories. Where do you keep all your "grown-up" stuff? Social security card, passport, birth certificate, bank statements, bills, tax and insurance information, etc...? Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck in your journey!

  2. Dude if you want I have an old summer sleeping bag and a well loved fleece blanket. Anyway, if those things are needed let me know by going to my facebook group... UVU Golf Club and just post a comment. The group is public. My brother is crazy about pushing limits and finding real understanding just like you and I would hope someone would do the same for him.

  3. but if you take the sleeping bag i would imagine that the electric blanket would be a bad idea.

  4. I believe its both of our ideas friend!