Friday, December 10, 2010

For Jenny:

In answer to your question, the hardest part of living in a van is honestly not being able to pee immediately when I wake up in the morning! At the beginning it was so difficult having to wake up and then rush out somewhere to the nearest open market or store and get my pee on. I was tempted quite a few times to lower my standard of living by keeping some sort of "pee jar" in the van with me, but alas, I could not bring myself to do it. Thats not to say that I havent had to use a few unconventional methods at times, here and there. However, time has taught me and my body much. I now can easily, without thought, hold off on using the bathroom for an hour or even two after I wake up. That usually gives me time to get to school or work or wherever I need to go. Of course I cant drink a liter of water before bed like I used to do so I have to make sure I get all my water drinking done in the morning and afternoon. And I try my best to find a place to go to the bathroom at night before I go to sleep. Other than that everything else is cake now! Sometimes I have to sleep with a big hat on when it gets below the twenties at night and that makes my hair look like a freak's when I get up in the morning. Also I miss cooking so much! My girlfriend lets me cook at her house sometimes and its a JOY!
       So I hope that answers it. Im a pretty optimistic person so a lot of things that I guess I should be sad or upset or complaining about I dont think are anything but fun. As a matter of fact, I seem to just keep getting happier and happier as time goes on.

Okay, personal plug! Im sorry. But Ive been listening to this song maybe 15-20 times a day lately and I think it might actually be the perfect song to define my mood lately and I want you all to hear it. I cant stop! Help me!


This is where I got it:

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  1. I love the song. And I'm having fun reading through your blog. I'm excited to read more of your story.

    Also, I need to teach my husband how to hold his pee in the morning. He always steals the bathroom from me in the morning and pees for forever! Also, he seems to pee every thirty minutes on roadtrips. Luckily he's happy with the side of the road those times. {TMI?}