Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Still Hot Out There Folks!

Im not complaining. Let m start first by saying that Im not complaining! But it is hot out there! Did somebody move the sun closer? I love it because we had a late start to our summer out here in Utah and I hate it because I start to roast in my sleep around the time the sun comes up. The nights, luckily get very cold still. I love sleeping in the cold! Thats why, for many reasons I feel like the winter will be better for me than the summer. Im taking the in between time in the fall to prepare and store up on the things Im going to need for the winter months. Here is the list I have so far:

- SPACE HEATER- Dont worry. I will not burn myself alive or die of carbon monoxide poisoning, I promise! A lot of people have been telling me how concerned they have been for my fire safety and Ive solved the problem. I have this friend who has a friend who lives in a tent and has figured out what to do. I will be building a box for the space heater that will be outside the van. Then Ill be tracking some air conditioning vents from it to my window which will also be insulated. That way I have free flowing hot air in a safe setting. It will look pretty much EXACTLY like this (except not really at all):

-FOOD STORAGE- Ive been stocking up on canned foods all summer. I have a good load of veggies, fruits, and meat. I have rice. I have water. I know that Im in the city and that I could potentially just head to the store for supplies but with alternative living...... you just never know.

-CAMPING STOVE- My dear sweet Aunt bought me a two burner Coleman camping stove for my birthday. It runs on propane and Ill be using it a whole lot this winter. Soup, I think, will be my best friend soon.

-A BELOW '0' SLEEPING BAG- since I love sleeping in the cold anyways, this along with all of my other blankets and warmers should suffice adequately for the snow.

- LONG JOHNS!- My favorite addition to my apparel, the long johns are a comfortable, classy, practical solution to all your winter wear needs!

So all in all Im excited for the weather to come, and Im excited that it hasnt come yet. Although around this time I start to get the fall itch for all things pumpkin and orange and yellow colors and boots with the fur (like the song). In fact, just today went to Sammys with the most beautiful woman Ive ever known to pick up a couple of Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Shakes.

They put actually slices of pie in the blender to make the shake! Crust and all! Incredible. Homeless life is unquestionably worth it if I can have one of those shakes every once in a while. Later gang!


  1. Glad to hear you have a plan for winter I was worried...

  2. oh man. that sammy's picture made me miss provo. can you please send me one of those shakes... asap... and put some stank on it!