Monday, October 18, 2010

Kurt and the Amazing Techni-lectric Dream Blanket!

So I decided to scrap the idea for a heating system. I got an electric blanket instead. $25 bucks at Wal-Mart! I love sleeping in the cold and this blanket will keep me just warm enough. I work nightwatch shifts at a treatment center and so I decided to try it out to see how warm I could get under that thing. When you sit in a room all night drinking water and juice and eating snack food and not moving, just sitting and reading or watching movies and not sleeping at all, your body temperature drops immensely. In the summer you still have to bundle up because you just get plain cold. So I plugged in the blanket and put on a movie, Army of Darkness, starring the beloved Bruce Campbell, the most amazing B actor of all time. Check this out:

So I fall asleep because it gets warm under that thing fast. I wake up five minutes later because the building is on fire! Its burning from the roof down and I cant get up for some reason and then I realize that Im covered in little tiny versions of me and they've strapped me down with rope and they are poking me with pens and pins and laughing while the ceiling starts ashing down on me and burning my face! And I look over to the left and holy crap this brigade of evil skeletons on fire are marching to me to destroy me and turn me into one of them and Im trying hard to get out of the ropes and away from the fire but there is nothing I can do and now I start choking on the fumes. The thick black smoke is thick and black and I cant see anything. Its all pitch black and then......... whoops I was asleep it was a dream. That Army of Darkness movie is effed up and found its way into my five minute dream. As for the fire...... THAT BLANKET IS SO HOT! I was sweating bullets! BULLETS PEOPLE! Anyways. So experiment successful. The blanket is gonna do just fine. I love my life.

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