Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If I had a million dollars

OK so more than one person has asked me " Kurt. What would you do if a million dollars fell in your lap tomorrow?" I replied to one person that I should hope that it wasnt a million dollars in coins because it would surely kill me, depending on how high it fell from. They didnt laugh. So I will answer the rest of those questions this way:

If I got a million dollars tomorrow I would still commit to finishing out my van experience (only six more months!). However it would probably be the most lavish six months of my homeless life and my van would be straight up P.I.M.P.E.D. OUT! I'd jack up the van and put it on big-mud-off-road-like tires. I'd replace the engine with a Hemi. Redo the suspension. Paint it black with airbrushed wolves on it and a crecent moon bubble window on the side. Id put a computer monitor in the ceiling above my head where I sleep so I could get my web search on while laying down. I recently invented and mapped out a system where I can essentially have a bathroom (for peeing only) in the van and Id make that and install it. Id make the sliding door open like a Dalorian's door instead so I could kind of have a front porch covered patio area. Cost: $20,000
Then I would buy land. Up in the mountains somewhere, maybe behind 'Y' mountain. Cost: $100,000

I would build a turn of the century Swiss town up there. Approximately 20 small dwellings, three or four commercial buildings, a library, a town center and a town hall. All considerably small and made rather cheap and plainly. Id put in cobblestone streets and walkways. Id provide utilities. Then I would invite fifty or so people who wanted the same lifestyle as I to come and live there whenever they wanted. For free. And it wouldnt be anything like a compound or a cult I promise. Cost: $200,000
          By Fr Antunes
I would give $100,000 dollars to tithes for my church. Cost: $Priceless

I would then pay off the debt of my loved ones, college for my nephews and nieces, and a huge truck for my brother Brian so long as he comes to live with me in my Swiss mountain town(e). The rest would go into the bank. Or to starting a low risk business to make more money. Or investments. Id finish my schooling and then I would become a High School history teacher and a soccer coach and be the richest teacher EVER!

Any other good ideas? And yes my mountain town would do TONS for the homeless and needy. Because thats what kind of town it would be.


  1. you think you could build a small Swiss town for 200,000? ha ha, you're funny. it costs more to build an average to large house. but I generally like the idea because I like Switzerland. :)

  2. i would not come live in your mountain town(e). but ill come visit. only if i can run there. and i like the pimped out van idea. Brilliant. and i want you to become like indiana jones too.

  3. I can do it for 200,000 cuz Im going to do all the work myself! And Leigh I love that you love running now and that you still read my blog! And one of the only sources of revenue for my town(e), which will be called Washington, would be a bed and breakfast so you are welcome to visit!

  4. The cost to run utilities up to the village or town would quadruple your budget... and I think you would need some sort of taxes in order to do all the cities maintenance(snow plow, emergency, medical, law enforcement, etc.) But it sounds like a good idea that land up there is beautiful.