Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dont you know that you were on my list?

Ok so there are things I want, things I want to do.

- I want to ride a horse. Ive done it before but I want to do it more.
- I want to get out of college. Well at least get on the other side of the classroom and teach
- I want to be in a hardcore band again and play live shows
- I want to not owe anybody anything ever again
- I want to go to Iceland
- I want to buy a motorcycle and go from Pacific to Atlantic
- I want to build my own house. With a wrap-around porch. And an unattached garage in the back with a guest             house over it. And a tree house.
- I want to have a collection of bicycles
- I want to run for a whole day
- I want to ride my bike to the Grand Canyon
- I want Lasik Eye surgery
- I want to name my firstborn son Washington Anderson
- I want twins
- I want to sail any ocean I please
- I want to publish a book and I want to make money for it
- I want to play professional soccer
- I want to fight at least three professional boxing matches
- I want to have THIS SONG playing whenever I walk into a boxing ring
- I want to hold onto the bumper of a car inconspicuously on my bike and hitch a ride
- I want to jump a train
- I want to raise an animal
- I want to buy a six shooter
- I want to defend a womans honor
- I want it all
To be continued..........


  1. Wow, thats a lot of stuff! They all sound awesome. My roommate jumps trains. She will take you :)

  2. Question: Are you practicing soccer, music and boxe daily???
    Advice: You better warn your future wife about the boy's name (after all she'll be the one carring the baby and maybe she would like to have some saying in the matter) and check if there are any twins in her family.
    Good luck with your list!!