Monday, September 20, 2010

This shoul dbe intewretsing

So I thought it might be funny dt cd do what Im doing right now! Ha I just woke up after an entire weekend of not sleeeping. I havetn slept for mor ethan an hour or two at a time since thursday night and i just got about five horus of sleep. I once tried to blog when I woke up from a super slumber like this once and it turned out exactly like this one. I think its funny. what Ive done is not removed any of the typo's that i didnt notice unti lafter i have completed the subesequent next word. Alsooo..... i kinda want to talk about stuf like:

- why cant my computer have bullets instead of these lawzy stinking dashes all the tinme?
- how come human babies are the most ugly babies to humans, and like sloth babies are adorable?
- when i die im gonna cash in my meet one person ticket that they give you as soon as you die and im gonna try and find out what George WQahsington sisi up to!
- If i could have one wish it would be to be a trillionaire. because then i could buy happiness, and gold, and a new bike, and a Corolla
-I ran out of lists.

OK so I spent the entire weekend of work watching a show called The Wire and it detroyed my universe. I talk like a dirty cop now, or a gay BAD A gangster from the dirty streets of Baltimore who is on the trail of vengence because a rival gang killed his lover slash hold-up partner.
      If i invented a clear lid for candy boxes, and it caught on like wild fire, do you think that phrase life is like a box of chocolates would ever be the same again?
      I have to go learn about ancient Pre Incan civilizations now. Or the civil War? or the battle at Flanders? History is too much stuff.....


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