Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Im Awesome

Ok so Im back! Ive taken an extended vay-kay from the blog scene, and my life to be honest, and now have returned better than ever! Where have I been? Ive been here...and there.... all over.

-I found a home! Sort of. I live in the van still but I was offered a gravel lot behind a log cabin in the middle of Provo. So I park it back there and I cant tell you what a relief it is to feel less paranoid in my sleep than is usual. Sleeping on the side of the road is tough. Constantly thinking of all the bad people and all the bad things that could befall you and hesitating to get out of the van until no one is around so as not to startle the fragile young, if naive, BYU students. I try and keep a very low profile, minus all the news stories (hah!), and dont like to make people feel uncomfortable. So when I was offered this spot tucked away behind the old cabin I said yes and sighed a little bit. They let me run an extension cord out of the back of the house and in exchange for that and the parking spot I am to water the old garden (its a weed-grown slab of dirt and rushes) and to do some gardening and planting.

-I love gardening! Oh my. This choice to hit the road and get out of my apartment has brought so many wonderful things into my life but I think none more satisfying, fulfilling, none more satiating than being able to make claim to my own little borrowed plot of land. It is mine to do with what I will. The guys who gave me the parking spot said "theres no way you can make it worse than it is now so just do what you want". Music to my ears.
     I spend last friday from morning until nightfall weeding from the root up, churning the soil, loosening it, watering the new soil, and landscaping the surrounding fences and walls. I got blisters, bloody hands, and a back ache. I went to Carpenter Seed Co. and Brumbles on S. State Street slash Main Street and got some tools and good, good advice. I have a gameplan. And Im so excited about doing it that this may very well turn into a Lawn and Garden blog and not a homeless blog.
     There is something about working for yourself against nature that you just cant find synthetically. I lust after it, covet it, cherish it. I have done a lot of manual labor in the past, but moving out to Provo to get educated has afforded me no such opportunities until now. When you break your bones over the earth, trying to make a dent, an impression that you can call your own in the ground, I dont know, food tastes better, the air gets thicker and comes into your lungs with a newer, more pure sense of purpose. I feel just a bit more complete. Like a when you go back home to visit after a long absence and slide into your old bed, and cold sheets again. I feel great out in the garden.
       Today Ill be planting bulbs! There arent a great deal of edibles that can be planted in the fall but I have bulbs of all types and colors to plant just in time for spring flowers! In addition to this, ill be manicuring the surrounding area a little more and building a trellises, arbors, Palladian climber fixtures and hanging vines. Seriously Im gonna have the nicest yard in Provo and it wont even be mine, nor will I have a house. Ha!
This post is getting long so Ill write another one and update you even more on my life..... in like..... five minutes.


  1. come back to atlanta and work on my garden with me! i'm about to start mine as well, and i'm very excited about it.

  2. Finally!!! I've been checking daily...I didn't know if you had given up writting the blog or if something happened to you!!
    I enjoyed the tips about riding the bus, the news of the new place, garden and restarting school.
    But the teaser did not do anything for me...to follow 1 blog is more than enough. I like to write too and that takes to much time of a working mother.
    I'm curious to see the pictures of the garden!