Friday, September 17, 2010

Whats So Great About Depression Huh?!

         Below is a short story I wrote. I was thinking. Which isn't ever good. But I used to be obsessed with sad things and dark comedies and depression and being heavy laiden and burdened with some emotional trouble. Now that just is a part of life that I use and control and take care of. I like being happy. And besides the fact that reincarnation is for reals true, you only get one life. And so I say...... LIFE IS A GARDEN, DIG IT! Ha I made that up no I didnt its from Joe Dirt. Speaking of which......

       I have planted about thirty of my 120 bulbs of various flowers. I got them at this wondeful little place called Brambles on S State Street. The lady there is phenomenal at gardening as is proven by her immaculate garden out front of her shop which, by the way, she did by hand without chemicals all by herself! 
      My van is currently in the shop getting fixed what what! It gives me a measure of security to know that Ill have a running car come winter time. However I fear getting lazy. I have put off getting it fixed for this long because I love working my body to the dregs every day and working out my own salvation, if you will, in a physical and spiritual sense. I feel that if I have a car Ill start using it more and more and more. Ugh. I guess its not so bad. I just really dont want to get lazy come winter. Because then the lovely, wonderful, enticing depression will come walking down the street, skipping every house and then come knocking on my door. So lets keep those spirits up folks and those pedals turning, gears shifting! 

"Fight off Your Demons" - Jesse Lacey.  

                                                             - Later Gators

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