Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Loophole Adventure....


OK so this is a conversation I had after I had another really good conversation. Also this conversation took place in my head.

" Im gonna eat my feelings. J Dawgs? No. Smells like Banana peppers. Call Amanda. Ugh I cant believe I dropped her phone down the Grand Canyon! "

" Creamery. Effing candied pralines! Order 6086, got it. Should I feel guilty for getting my ice cream before everyone else? Is that the girl I was in love with at the gym!? It IS her. She's married....whoops. Good thing I never hit on her. She is so beautiful! That guy is scooper duper lucky. I wonder if her voice is high or deep. Old married people dont laugh really. They just mumble. Those kids shouldnt be talking about a rated R movie. Gosh darn why are the skirts so short at BYU this year whats wrong with this place! Better buy more food storage."

"My eyes burn. It sucks that my van smells so much like gas all the time. It would suck worse if I didnt love the smell of gas so much. Why do people keep passing me, Im going the speed limit. Hey eveyone, Im proud of how slow I drive. I love you."

" Thirty minute parking? Its late, they wont tow they always tow why should I have to live in fear of towing in America. Ugh. Thats a long line. How am I going to get this girl to think Im awesome? Am I awesome? Ugh."

"Waiting. Always waiting. Sort of. There must be like 100 people in this line! 'I count the freckles on her face one two three hundred times a day!' oh there they are, what movie are we going to watch, nightwatch is going to be easy tonight. The Wire!"

" Watching people play the Wii is waaaaaayyyy funner than playing it. And cheaper too. 'And Im like EFFFF YOOUU OOOO OOOUU!' "

" Loopholes..... loopholes...... loopholes....... the shorts dont prevent me from doing what I need to DO!"

And that is a look into my head. I kinda like writing that maybe Ill do it more often.


  1. That was neat. I always wonder what people are thinking. I ask Dave quite a bit, which I am sure gets annoying.
    Oh, and Dave just told me that you are flying into DC before Steve's wedding. I am super duper excited! Cant wait to see you!!

  2. what ever happened to the Allen's store redhead?

  3. Ha! I dont know. I wonder if she still works there, stalking her was fuuuuuunnnnnnnn