Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grand Canyon, Grand Mistake, Grand Vacation, and I found a grand....

So a few weeks ago I decided to visit my friend Brittani down in the hellhole, sweat pot, sauna, death country of Arizona and to catch a glimpse of the Grand Canyon for the first time ever! A few days before I leave my bestie Amanda decided she would like to come along and that made me so happy and the day came and we were off!
The roadtrip started at seven in the morning and with this song: The Pursuit of Hapiness by Kid Cudi

Now the rest of the trip is pretty awesome. However to hear about it you need to go to Amanda's blog because she did such an amazing job reporting on it I could never match it and so go here and scroll down til you get to the trip and read how crazy it was. Teaser: Someone or something falls into the Grand Canyon. Amanda eats a Navajo. I fight a snake and a scorpion at the same time, both of which have been mutated by radiation. And everybody dies..... and lives happily ever after.

....sucks, is the end of that sentence. I want out. But Im in. All history classes. Im getting it all mixed up, the dates and cultures and events. Im pretty sure that the Nazis did not settle America in 1492, bringing with them AIDS and sliced bread, and teaching Budhism to all the local chinese railroad wokers. But I just dont know anymore. I love though, that I have not met one single new person in any of my classes.
      I try to avoid meeting people in my classes because if you make friends with someone who is stupid or less motivated than you, they will notice the opportunity and then comes the dreaded "hey we should form a study group and then you can carry not only your own scholastic burdens but mine too, not to mention Ill have all of your information so if I cant get a hold of you...... dont worry..... Ill find you." And that hasnt happened yet this semester. I keep to myself.
     I am so happy to be back using public transportation full time again though. I love the bus! I get to read and put headphones on and listen to music that everyone thinks sucks or wont give the time of day and sight see all the way through Provo. Its great. There are some important things to remember when riding the bus though:
1. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT- I dont know what it is but crazies ride the bus in every city all the time and they stare at you and if you make eye contact with them ..... BOOM.... thats their opportunity to swoop in and start telling you about the one time the worked at the D.I. and had an affair with the bi polar boss who might be a man but also might be a woman and how he hit her (or him) and then they moved in together and she's been riding the bus every since. How does that even correlate? No idea. So just keep your eyes down.
2. Always get on the bus last. If youre a man you know that it is incredibly rude and weak to sit on a bus and make an old woman stand up and reach with her liver spotted, arthritic, brittle, disgusting little bones up to the bar and try not to fall over and break a hip at every stop. So get on at the back of any line and your sure to be the one left standing if there are not enough seats and this saves you the awkward "ma'am.......MA'AM...............MA'AM!!!!!!!!!! Would you like to sit here? No? Please sit here? Come on. Sit. Lady just sit. Lady if you dont sit Im still standng up and then its just going to be an empty seat so SIT DOWN HERE BECAUE I SAID SO AND AM BEING (was being) NICE!"

So just a few helpful tips. Ok so whats next.......

oh yeah. check THIS out! Its the Lip Sync Kid ya'll look out!!!!

Next time Ill put up a butt ton of pictures of stuff.

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