Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let the free seed of love gush forth!

Spence: Hey brother
Kurt: Hey brother (said like Buster or Arrested Developement)
S: Hows it goin?
K: Good. Just too hot in my van this morning, so I thought I'd drop by.
S: Sweet.
K: Also I have some money for you and......... can I take a shower?
S: Ok yeah sure.
K: Thanks.   ...........uhm........
S: Whats up?
K: I think I may have pooped my pant last night. Also. By the way.
S: What!? How? Wait how do you only think?
K: Im just saying! I havent checked but it definately feels as though I may have had a tiny little poop in my sleep last night! I dont know!
S: Ok! Wow. HOw do you........ Ugh.

Kurt then goes to the bathroom with his shower gear and Spence gets ready to leave for school. Before Spence walks out the door he says...

S: Ok bro Im leaving have a good one!
K: Ok! ........... Oh hey Spence?
S: Yeah?
K: I did. I did poop my pants last night.

Spence walks out and closes the front door behind him.

K: Thank you Spence!


  1. i think you are getting away from the homeless deal.i/we want to read about your adventures.about you being homeless.maybe you should take your other stuff and make a 2nd blog.you are losing focus.you could do the homeless deal for a year and write a book.or maybe do a film documentary.instead you are doing this other stuff.i am just being real with you.you can do whatever.someone had to say it.so you decide.

  2. KURT! This is exactly why I need you in my life again. You are so SO funny. I love that you weren't sure if you pooped your pants....you are outta control.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Immediately thought of 'The Whitest Kids You Know' Timmy poops in his pants at the office meeting. -Jbear