Monday, August 23, 2010

Chillin' in the LBC

                                 Yo Yo YO this is how I do it yo. I be in Long Beach California yo.

So so much has happened this weekend! Ill give a brief review as I have hardly any time. So....
- Mom got here Thursday night and picked me up from Provo and we went and stayed in American Fork
- Friday went with Aunt Lisa, Mom, Cousin Vicki, second Cousins Tom & Kat up to Park city and did the Alpine Slide and Roller Coaster. It was great! Ate at the Red Banjo Pizza Place

- Saturday we went to Cabella's, J Dawgs, Thanksgiving Point, and I got some shoes at Smith's

- Saturday night was the night of the Pizza party and so many people showed up! I loved it!

Then I went on an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. date and headed back up to American Fork. Woke up Sunday morning and went to church with my mother and she met my Bishop and his lovely wife and then we left to go to the van.

Packed my stuff and said hello to my besties with breasties and their family and then BACK to American Fork! We woke up early this Monday morning and hit the road, well hit the Cracker Barrel, and then hit the road! We stopped a lot of places and this was my favorite, the Barstow Railroad Station slash McDonalds where all the foreigners stop their tour buses to try the Great American Cheeseburger.

And now we're in Long Beach at my Aunt's house listening to Sublime and surfing..... the web. Tomorrow is a family day and then Wednesday is Disneyland Day and then I try and make it home somehow in time for work on and school on Friday. Wish me luck. More updates soon! 

(And I miss Chattamtown Number Ten already! Not the apartment, the girls in it!)

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  1. Kurt, your vacation sounds fun but the best was the last there a message hid to one of the girls in the apartment?! Do I smell romance in the air???
    And why didn't you hug your mom in the picture?
    Too many questions I know...all rhetorical.