Saturday, July 24, 2010


So in January I started having some minor back pains. I would go three weeks feeling just fine then bend down to pick something up and my back would just lock up and I wouldnt be able to move for a few seconds, it being very very painful. Then it would go away in a matter of minutes and I would be fine again. So, although that worried me, it wasnt enough for me to do anything about it. I thought that maybe it was a pulled muscle. Not so. Because as time went on it progressively worsened. And recently it has climaxed into an almost debilitating pain. It burns in my buttocks, down my left leg and hurts all the time, especially when I sit down. I did some research today and went to the doctor and found out that is is Sciatica. This is a nerve irritation, inflamation, or obstruction of the sciatic nerve endings in the lower back. Apparently it can be fixed..... maybe. I need to do some physical therapy type things and exercises etc. If those dont work Ill have to move on to medications. So you can imagine living in a van is not the best environment for nursing a bad back back to full strength. Its proving quite tough. However I think its gonna be just fine in no time at all. And oh what a feeling it will be to be rid of such an annoying, yet terrible pain.

Other than that, all is fine on the van front. The weather here is consistently in the upper nineties in the daytime and sixties in the night. Which is perfect for me! Im riding my bike a ton! And work is nice. We are stocking up on good movies to watch good strategies to use in Risk. Church is awesome as usual. Im teaching a mission prep class tomorrow and though I feel like the last person on earth that should be teaching about that, Im excited because I love teaching. Ive been hanging out with a lot of really cool people this week and have been having lots of fun! Ive been blessed so much with people who are somehow ok with helping me. Mel, who lets me break into her house sometimes, the girls who let me eat nachos and annoy them whenever I want, Lori who let me get ignored by her nieces, and my whole ward for always being awesome. When my vehicles broke down I wrote my bishop and asked him for any help or advice and he found me a bike, which was given me for free. And it has been the most amazing, valuable blessing ever. Plus I love riding it. I dont deserve anything, any of this, and yet people freely give of themselves and it blows my mind. I hope that I can pay it all back someday.

Til next time.


  1. I'm a little disappointed I didn't get the "And Lauren was right, I should have gotten my back checked earlier and put a hot pack on it" shout out but I'm in Africa and easily forgettable with all of those awesome people around you. Just wanted to remind you. Thanks. :)

  2. Read about your back problems and sciatica. I have the same problem. It is because the disc in my back is pinching the nerve root. I don't know how things are looking for you insurance wise, but there is a shot out ther called a nerve block. It is probably the best thing for the Sciatica. That way you don't have to live on medications and the shot lasts usually 1 year or more. Just a thought.

  3. Being "homeless" with a vehicle, even one that does't run is completely different that being homeless on the street. You have a door you can lock. Also, you have a life you can go back to. You don't have the fog of mental illness or drug addiction.You don't have the hopelessness or the terror,the burned bridges, the legal histories of the true homeless. In your situation you can easily and quickly return to the mainstream. You are no more homeless because of your choices, than I am African-American because I read "The Color Purple"