Monday, July 19, 2010

The Boom Town Rats were Right!

I dont like Mondays now. It a hard time for me. I get off of my last shift at 9am and search for a cool place to sleep during the hot afternoon. I went to the park. Too sunny. Also, Im afraid that I'll look soooooo asleep out there that someone will think Im dead and investigate, causing a scene. I text friends for open doors and open couches. No answer. Then I go out to my van and find a note on it saying: To whom it may concern, blah blah blah we are a tree service and are trimming the shady tree you are parked underneath and request you move your vehicle (my vehicle is currently not working) or we will be forced to use more direct means of persuasion. What a crock! So I get some guys in my neighborhood (Logan and Dan) to help me push it underneath the apartment building where I used to live and we push and park it in an empty spot in the shadows of the parking structure. For all the trouble it turns out this has been a fortuitous turn of events for from this quiet and undisturbed corner of the lot, and from inside the van, i write this. Thats right effers! Free homeless Wi-Fi! Im currently propped up on the side of the car in here with two ice packs on my stomach and chest, trying desperately, if tirelessly to bring my body temp down. And now I lay me down to nap. I am going to see Inception today for a matinee and want to be in peak mental capacity for it. Ellen Page, if you only knew the things I do for you. Wish me luck and until next time....

The Street Rat

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