Monday, July 19, 2010

Where I lay my head is home

Yes. I just quoted Metallica. Im writing from the van. Its midnight and I about to fall into a deep deep sleep. The van is in its secure little parking spot and all is quite out there in Provo as far as I can tell. It smells like Cantaulope in here right now. Not sure why. Except that I have two of them in here with me. I think Ill eat them in the morning. On the playlist for tomorrow: swimming. setting up for camping all week at Rock Canyon. Writing my stories. And reading. Hopefully that will be all. The days lately go by like water under the bridge, like miles on the highway, like crushes and love. Everything is getting mixed up in everything else and I must say its exhilerating. I feel in a constant state of motion. Though I ironically spend a lot of my time in this car that doesnt move at all. I have taken some cool photos and cant wait to share them. Ill try and get to that tomorrow. Later dudes.

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