Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Direction Home

I fear that Ive made my first mistake in homelessness. Wandering. It seems so harmless, adventurous even. I was on my way home when a thought that a Gaatorade would seem really great before bed came to me. So I took a left and headed to Seven Eleven (Sevey for a Bevey). It felt good to not have to be anywhere. At midnight in Provo, it was very relaxing to not have to fight college traffic and just cruise the streets. However it got addicting. After satiating my thirst it wasnt enough. I went to Smiths. Zig Zagged through the aisles a bit and bought some Nutter Butter Bites. Sat outside for a long time and ate and watched and observed. Then I made my way home, slowly and reluctantly. I realized that the difference between me and the other guys is a schedule. An itinerary. I need structure. I am the architect of my life and soul and do not want to build with sand. It scared that I could see myself just slipping into a wanderers attitude. Sick. It makes me sick. So sad. Was it even worth it? Times a million!

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