Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey Lush! Have Fun! Its the Weekend!

Yeah right. Being homeless SUCKS! Its hot. Balls hot. I rode thirty plus miles on my bike yesterday between work (7 miles one way) and errands and stuff. I havent stopped sweating since I last had an apartment with air conditioning. The weekend is shaping up to be the worst part of homelessness for me. I work nightwatch shifts at a school slash prison for delinquent youths from 11pm til 9am friday, saturday, and sunday. When I got out of work today, Saturday morning, I was exausted. My body was not able to recover from all of the cycling I did on Friday because I wasn't able to sleep and I still had seven miles til I got back to the van. Its already 90 degrees at 9am. I hate my life. So I call my friend Pearl up and she consents to lend me her bed for the afternoon. I sleep. Sort of. She has a butt ton of cats.

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