Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ive put together a list of things that qualify as necessities for me to be able to honorably move into my minivan. They are as follows:

- Vacuum, clean and sanitize all surfaces
- Store back seats
- Bedding (a two inch pad, butt ton of blankets, pillows. For now)
- Shelving (not super important, but you know what they say... The minivan of God is a minivan of order)
- A Cooler. I think this will be a welcome companion in the Utah summer nights.
- Curtains. Amanda my dear friend is cutting me up some curtains that I can velcro to the ceiling and side panels on the inside all around the car. Just because Im blogging about it doesnt mean Im ok with passers by staring at me in the morning while I sleep.
- Air Fresheners. If the van smells like apple pie and I close my eyes.... Ill be just fine
- Coleman Camping Stove. Unless of course I am ok with eating refried beans, tuna, veggies, and rice at room temperature. Which I am. For now.
- Sanitary options. I'd like to be able to have a set of dishes in there that I can reuse. I just need a system for small scale dishwashing. Ill figure it out.
- Toiletries, Clothes, Books, Paperwork, Food. I need each of these items to fit into categorized bins. The theory is that I become 100% mobile. I can be ready for a full day - meals, shower, school, work, etc. - and carry all items I would need on my back.
- Mirror
- Lantern
- Coolants. By this I mean things to help keep me cool at night

This is a start. I will be going to the Uncle Sam's Army Navy Store this week to shop and hopefully pick up some of these items. I highly recommend that place. Its balls awesome. For now though, I simply have the bed, and a light. Ill be adding as I go, fixing the place up to my liking. So its off I go now, into the life of a street rat, a gutter urchin, a nobody. From the Dust wence I was formed. Wish me luck. Ill see you in the morning and will give a full update on what its like to leave society behind. Sweet Dreams sheep.


  1. I am already loving reading about your new life and adventure! Good luck Kermit!

  2. Tana youre my first commentor! I cant wait to see you guys and by that I mean all THREE of you!