Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 1: Moving In

It's July 15th, 2010. I live in Provo Utah and have had enough. The recession has been going on for years now and it still turns my stomach to rot if I start talking about it, debating the issues, solutions, etc. Im still scared to lose my job and to never be able to find another one. I feel a little short changed. I know every generation has their cross to bear, yet I cant help but feel resentment toward the folks who got us into this mess. Granted we are all to blame. Will it ever get better? Will I ever be out of debt? Is there an angel or an omen around that next corner? Im not waiting to find out. Ive read enough Bible stories and decoded enough cryptic scripture to know whats coming. The future is a cartooned cloud, dark and full of cold cold rain, and its always right above you, lingering and smirking. Where ever you go, there it is. Staring down on you, reading your every move, and secretly joining forces with your past to plot against you. So Ive decided to make a move. Ill slip out of my dingy little one bedroom apartment in the cover of night, while my future sleeps. Ill pack what things I can carry in my hankerchief but I wont need much. Ive made ready my van, and can hold up there until this all blows over. I wont be leaving a forwarding address and I'll change my number to throw them all off the scent. Welcome to the fallout shelter of my life.

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