Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Good Night of Sleep in the Van

Having parked the van in an underground parking deck, I slept like a child last night! The only weird part is timing my exit well, so as to not creep anyone out that there is a guy that lives in a van down here. Someone is talking on their phone right now a couples spaces away, so here I wait and write until I can get out! It not like i really have anywhere to go anyway. Thats the thing about being homeless though. If you dont keep yourself busy, and stay vigilant at staying social and not slipping into solitude and obscurity you will end up like all those other homeless people. You know, the ones who scare you and make you wonder where their family is and why no one loves them. I wonder if that will happen to me. I wonder if those people are happier or worse for it. I wonder how long it would take. Well it wont be today thats for sure! Because Im going swimming and to the library and camping and all sorts of stuff! So take that solitude! Hey and I might even call my mother..... who loves me.


  1. hahaha .I am glad you finally slept well! Dave and I will always love you no matter how much of a the hoe boe mentality you develop, I think you be clear of that though.

  2. hoe boe? I dont even know..you have a lot of van time to think about it...haha is that right?

  3. haha! I think its just plain ole Hobo. At least thats the word out here on the streets. A hoe boe i think is a homeless slut. Which I guess I could qualify for too....