Friday, July 16, 2010

SUCCESS! ....... sorta

My first night in the van! As Amanda and I were making the curtains the other day we were running into problems. The sticky part of the velcro was clogging up and jamming her sewing machine and bending my needles as I tried to do it by hand. So finally I got brilliant! I decided to just staple it and it worked out very nicely. So with the curtains up all around and everything I needed for a one man slumber party, I was officially in the van.
I keep the windows open for air circulation and it helps but at the same time me and my body are not used to falling asleep to the sounds passers by and passing cars, and speed demon motorcycles zipping by (you can hear those little effers for miles!) So falling asleep was somewhat tedious. I also noticed that the part of the street I chose to park on slopes down to the curb from the middle of the road so I was lying at an angle. That will take some getting used to, or ultimately some remedying. It took me about two hours to really fall asleep.
I woke up pretty early to the sounds of a diesel truck parallel parking behind me. And at this point in the slumber party I realized a few things.
1. This is not a slumber party. As awesome as it is...... it still sucks a little bit
2. There is no bathroom. I cant get up to pee in the middle of the night. Unless I have to in which case....... hello bushes.
3. The street Im on may not be the best choice. I need to find a less busy avenue. Or! I think I have some friends with driveways. A driveway would be the equivalent of me living in a gated community! I could do that.
4. The street is a paranoid place to be. You are always wondering if youre being watched or if you'll be caught even though youre not doing anything wrong
5. I am homeless.

SO my next steps are to get a cooler. One that can go on the back of my bike and in the van. Then I start organizing my things into tupperware cubbies. Next, try and get the van moved to a driveway or less busy street. Then.... I need a shower. Ill let you know how that goes. I think I can take one at the gym today.
So all in all what have I learned from my first day of homelessness? .....This will be tough, but what isn't these days. Eff it.

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