Friday, August 13, 2010

Forts Dont Got Carpets!

This is where I slept last night. I should have slept right on the ground because that cot was busted and like cuddling with and anorexic woman.

     It got very cold last night. My nostrils where sucking in the cold air and really suffering from it. The rest of me was warm and did just fine though! I prefer sleeping in the cold so Im not complaining. However I will say this. I hate that its cooling off. The summer has been so short. The weather only got warm here in June. Its been two months! Thats it. I moved to Utah for the summers and its as though they themselves have moved away, just coming to visit for a few lousy months. I appreciate the time that we've shared, dear summer, but how dare you leave so soon.
        Tonight is work. So no search for lodging and thats a relaxing feeling. One week til my mother comes!


  1. Funny the comparsion about cuddling with an anorexic woman.
    Yes, this summer came so late and you can feel slipping through your fingers alreay.
    Where is your mom staying?

  2. One question I have had through reading all this is Are you going to continue this lifestyle when winter comes, or is it just a summer thing? You might have mentioned this and I missed it. But I was wondering still.

  3. I plan on doing it as long as I can for up to a year, so yes, ill be giving it a go through winter