Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thats right! I got on my bike after hanging out with some friends last night and worked my way to the van to get ready for work and ............ wheres my van!?

I had been TOWED! My house was gone! What happened!? Did someone play a joke on me? Did an angry mother buy an old tow truck and jack my car and run it off a cliff to keep me away from her precious family? Was it stolen? Did the cops find something illegal with what I was doing and home-jack me without warning? I started calling around and good ole University Towing did not touch it, which is very surprising considering they warm their hearts by the blood, tears, and torture of other peoples poor hearts. I called the police and there it was. Old Larry's Towing had taken it in. Apparently, im terrible at checking my mail because I was given notice a long time ago that they were going to revoke my registration if I didnt get car insurance. Yeah, thats right I didnt get car insurance. My car is broken and doesnt run so I cancelled the insurance until I had fixed it. Bad idea. 
          So I am without a house until Monday morning. Yup. They lifted my car and then closed for the weekend. I cant say I approve of that. Luckily I had my back pack with me, I always do, so I have the essentials. But essentials do not include a change of clothes, church clothes, books, food, etc. So Ive been wearing the same socks for a few days now, and am hungry as all get out this Sunday afternoon. I dont buy stuff on Sundays and so im really bumming this Sabbath. 
       I cant wait to get the van back tomorrow. My friend is going to help me tow it with a tow rope, as it does not run, and we will take it to a parking lot I know about where they dont tow. This wont happen again for sure! Ive learned that no matter how right with the law you think you are, they'll get you. Ive always felt that it was harder for good people to stay good in the eyes of the law, keeping up with all the taxes and registrations and notices and fees and duties and limits and requirements and laws, than it is for someone who kinda goes off the grid. Its sort of depressing to think about really. But all is well! And I wont let it happen again! Dont let the man get you down! 


  1. So sorry:( that really sucks!! Hope you find a place to sleep and eat...

  2. Do you find it ironic that all the adds on you page today are for auto insurance?