Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

Update: My car is still locked up in the impound. Its my fault. I didnt know you had to have insurance for a van that didnt work and was parked on the street every once in a while. I had it registered but it didnt matter, they took it. I went to go get it out today and tow it to a parking lot that wouldnt mind me being there and they wouldnt let me. Apparently I have to show proof of insurance before I can take it. This is very frustrating because it doesnt run and it wont be on the street! So I will be paying now almost TWICE what I paid to buy the car, just to get out of a tow yard and into a parking lot. Gosh Darn! Im currently looking for temporary car insurance, short term stuff. Does anyone know where I can find some of that? That would be helpful. Ive been wearing the same pair of clothes since last Wednesday! Ha! I need to get that van back so I can change. What a week.
     Also, my personal opinion is that I like the picture thats up there now. But everyone else likes the old one with the van! Gosh Darn again! Ill put it back up. But not before I change it one more time to a really cool one that I like. I think. Maybe. The picture that is up now, just so you know, is one of the first color photos ever taken in Russia. Interesting little fact. So no. Its not of Provo. Ha! I know that doesnt make sense but neither does paying for car insurance on a vehicle that doesnt work and is worth somewhere around two hundred bucks.

oh yeah................  GOSH DARN!

             So in Provo, this is the time of year for moving out! All the college kids at BYU and a lot a UVU (this is around 50,000 students in total) are nearing the end of their contracts at their apartments. They get kicked out sometime around the 15th of August and then pick up another contract but the contracts around her usually dont start until after the 2oth! So what does this mean?

       It means a couple of things. First it means trash. This is what every dumpster around here looks like today. Sometimes we people save stuff and save stuff, hoarding and hoarding, thinking our things are valuable and may be of use some day. Then when we need to move on with our lives we sort through it and re prioritize. This is a picture of just some of the stuff that didnt make the cut. I half wanted to sort through it all and see if there was anything I could use! I feel bad for the trash men this week. When it rains it pours.

       What else does this mean? Well ironically, half the people now here in Provo are finding themselves in my exact (well almost) situation! They are homeless-as-can-be college students! Looking for couches to crash on, places to store their stuff, finding showers and lining up rendezvous. Its glorious to see it all! The best part is I dont have to do it! Yes Im technically trying to move my "house" from one place to another and its turning out to be just as big of a pain, but I dont have to clean my apartment to get my deposit back, I dont have to haul trash load after load to the the dumpster, I dont have to unpack everything into a new house and get the utilities transfered into my name! So I consider myself lucky! One, I have the ease of already being homeless and staying homeless. And two, I have new neighbors! Welcome to the hood everybody! Enjoy yourselves and dont even think about sleeping in any of my sleeping spots! 



  1. Thats a cool pic! I like the one you have up and the van best:) but you know what you do what you like best! dont try to please everyone it will never work! as you are probably learning that living homeless. Hope you get your van out soon. wont they let you get some stuff out of it untill you can get it out? where have you been sleeping and eating?

  2. Can't you just get "garage" coverage on it? We have insurance on a car that's just sitting in our garage - it doesn't run, it's not worth much, it's just sitting, but it's insured! Either that or just get liability insurance on it. It's not expensive.

  3. call me a nerd (and a creeper if you want since you don't know me but I follow your blog) but I like the current pict. I mean I liked the last one too, but this one is my vote.