Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's like that part in Aladdin....

My morning was........ hard. I got off of work at nine. The kids were pretty good today and so I was able to leave on time. I noticed earlier as I was working and looking out the window that an unusual amount of bikers (by that I mean cyclists) were cruising by all proud down the road I work on. You see its a back road in Springville and perfect for biking or cycling or whatever and on Saturday mornings I can typically spot a team of pedallers making their way from some place to some place. Today though the street was packed. Then I heard the ambulance. Then I saw the ambulance. They stopped right out in front. Apparently a biker got confident and thought he might be able to contend with a car and ended up in the shoulder. I headed out on my mountain bike against the grain of the race and made my way toward the bank to cash my paycheck. Its 8 miles each way to and from work and the whole way back this morning was accompanied by the zipping and buzzing of the turning gears and spinning tires against the road. It was fun to listen to.
       I get to the bank and cash my check and then head over to my friend Pearls house who has generously offered me her couch for some sleep through the day. It felt that no sooner did I fall asleep that a knock on the door came. "Management!" Oh crap! Im not supposed to be here, sleeping. So I sit up and start acting like Im just visiting and I must have looked so strange having just sprinted my way out of a very deep sleep, trying to act normal. Eventually I was able to slip out of there and headed to another couch. In exchange for help moving some boxes and such I was given a floor to sleep on in a basement. It was great and I slept for six whole hours. Almost. Woken by a call from a friend I decided I had overstayed my welcome and rode then to my best friends house. Saturday is my "hang with friends" day I suppose. And these girls are the tops! If I were Joey, they would be Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and which ever other girl is on that show. Without them I dont think that I would be able to do this whole thing. They keep me sane. We all went to a Western Dance. I went because I heard there was dinner to be served. Fried chicken, carrots, rolls, and Shasta! Nothing like it! We danced a bit until we realized that we were to old and not red neck enough to be there and walked back to their place. All in all it has been a good day.
        I'd like to become good enough at writing in my lifetime to be able to be a successful author. I write at work as often as I can. Ive recently had some things in my life develop that look to make for a wonderful story and have written lots on the subject. Im surprisingly satisfied with the things Ive written so far and cannot wait to write more tonight at work! Lets hope it goes well!
       So I guess Alls Quiet on the Homeless Front. Tomorrow is Sunday so I NEED to find a shower before church! I might be making a pit stop at the gym or taking a break from work to go find some water. Ill let you know what my Bishop talks to me about after tomorrow also. I respect him so much and hope that I can somehow find his blessing or at least escape his disapproval for this whole thing. Be well!

Listening to......
         "I want to live on the stage. I want to play the guitar and I want to get paid. But no responsibilities please. I want to do what I want. And I want to get paid."
                                                                                            - The Snake The Cross The Crown

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  1. I just read the article about you on KSL and I was so excited to hear about what you're doing. I live a pretty normal life now- I'm a 30 yr. old Mormon housewife, but about 6 years ago I lived in Santa Cruz, CA in a VW bus with a surf rack on the side. I lived in it for 6 months, and it was an amazing time in my life. I was able to slow my life down to the basics, and in doing so I really discovered a lot about myself and what I truly value and what I don't. I read Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" and was inspired by his freedom, so I just sold or gave away most of my things, moved into my bus, and spent a lot of time reading and writing in nature. I recommend resisting the urge to spend a lot of time with people- I know it can be lonely, but the journey is all about conquering the lonely and seeing what's beneath it all. It's good that you're writing because that's the best tool. You will eventually rejoin society in a more traditional way, but you will never get this time back, so cherish it. However, I do recommend finding a place for the winter, though, as most sources of heat for your van will either be toxic or waste your battery/gas, and it will be more than miserable to sleep in the freezing cold night after night.

    Good luck on your journey! I hope you learn as much as I did :)