Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spaghetti and Meatballs

I would like to make something clear. Just to help me sleep a little better. I know that Im not helplessly homeless. I know that there are people who are "really" homeless and I know a lot of them from the shelters and they still ask me for money or whatever, and I still have the means to oblige. The thing is, I dont have a home. I keep all my stuff in a van that doesnt run and I stay in the van maybe once a week. I sleep in the park, or down by the river (the sounds put me to sleep), or under this old overpass by my work. I have nothing save my bike, this computer, and the stuff I have to make it through the day. But understand this is by choice!
       I want to be a writer. More than anything I'd like to be a writer. I do not use this blog to exercise the craft but if you'd like to read somethings Ive written just let me know and Ill send you a snippet. I plan on writing about this experience. Hemmingway never was any of the things he wrote. Yet he was there, amongst it, in it; observing and watching. I believe you can only write on the things you know. If I dont get out of an apartment into the world and under the sun, if my arms are not tanned to the root from writing on the fly outside, then what good is it?
       Living simply (or homeless) accomplishes so many things for a person. Ive missed things Ive never cherished when I lived in Plenty. My family -I, being the only one out here in Utah- washing and brushing my teeth in the morning in a sink, a stove top, etc. But living without will make you so aware of what you do have. Relationships. Your body, which should be used so much more than we generally do. Your imagination and mind, to create for yourself and to discover more than just your life, but those details of other peoples lives and of the things around you through observation.
       I love living this way and recommend it to anybody who is feel dissatisfied with the 9-5. If you have a family, your own, I envy you. Stay and be with them as much as you possibly can! If you are living your dreams then stay by all means! But, if you feel alone, and less than complete, with no one to provide for, then get up and out! Go! Shed it all so you know really what parts are you and which parts you just call you. Its working for me.

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  1. Hey Kurt! I have really enjoyed your posts and would love it if you sent me a snippet of your past writings!