Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm no Hemingway....

I wrote pretty much all day today! Its truly exhausting! In coming to terms with my own style and brand, if you will, of writing, Ive found that I am most like Ernest Hemingway. But I dont like the things he writes. That is a problem. So Im reading other books by other Americana authors in hopes that maybe Ill find a different inspiration than of a man whose works I dont particularly adore. Dont get me wrong, I respect Ernest and his work, they just dont interest me all that much.
      Can you believe Ive never read a John Steinbeck book! Neither could I so I took to the library yesterday and got the only one that wasnt checked out, Cannery Row, and I cant put it down! If you havent read it please do. I bought one off Amazon and put up a link think for it. Its so American. Poetry turned prose for sure.
Anyways. I didnt feel homeless at all today. I spent most of my time indoors writing. I went to J Dawgs for lunch. Talk about a hot dog, am I right!? I was in a good mood when I ate it too and here is why: I got off of work on Monday morning at 9a.m. At that point I had not slept in 23 hours. Typical, no biggie. I usually go to the park and find some shade and sleep like a child for a few hours. I tried that but I just could not get some things out of my mind and before you know it it was time for me to go get my eyes checked! I was beat. By the time I went to bed on Monday night I had not slept in 38 hours.
       I fell asleep and did not wake up til twelve hours later the next morning. You know when you fall asleep in a certain position and wake up in the exact same position? Thats what happen. What a feeling. I hadnt stirred once! So I was well rested to say the least.
       Other than painstaking writing all day (eeking out a measly paragraph!) thats pretty much all I did. It was all worth it though. Tomorrow Ill be going to find a shower. Its been since Saturday that I had one. Maybe Ill document it with pictures! Ha jokes. See you around....

oh PS- I put a little Facebook thing up there on the left. The idea is that you'll be able to look at it and see where I am around town (not too specific, for all the stalkers and murderers and rapists) and to be able to put all the pictures of my days up there. I have been wanting to put them up somewhere because lots of people have been asking and so I did that. So if you want a lot of photos of me just doing stuff here and there you can go to that! Hope it helps!

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  1. I too am a fan of Hemingway but am not overly excited about most of his stories (those dealing with wartime for instance are not overly captivating to me. But his writing style is wonderful! I also have read and own perhaps 4 dozen biographies about him.

    I am glad you have taken to Steinbeck. To me, his writing style is not as amazing and special as is Hemingways, but his stories are very much more captivating to me. One of very favorites, one he wrote later in life is somewhat biographical but still shows his style... "Travels With Charlie." When you get the opportunity, you may find it an especially enjoyable read given your current living situation.