Monday, August 9, 2010

My Ride Home In Pictures

So I bike everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. I highly recommend it. I think about so much on my bike. Its as though the pedals churn my thoughts. I bike to and from work every week and its an eighteen mile round trip. So this is in the morning this morning on the way home. I took the pictures while on the bike so that should explain why they suck so hard.

      This is the view leaving my work. Its all back roads all the way to Provo that run spot up against Union Pacific's railroad lines. Its nice. Uncrowded.
This is at the top of the overpass I have to defeat every day. 

Taking short cuts through downtown Provo

          It really is great riding my bike to and from where ever. It makes me feel that much more self sufficient. Well I havent slept yet so I am going to go find a place to nap. Have a wonderful Monday!

Oh PS.........
         I fell asleep sitting on the floor against a wall in the hall at the Wilkinson Center at BYU while writing this post. I was shaken out of my sleep by a person tapping me lightly with the toe of their shoe asking "Hey? Hey? Hey guy............ are you homeless Kurt?"  The initial jolt that woke me up (you know, the embarrassing seizure that you have sometimes when you jump out of sleep and smack your head against something or flail a limb in the air for no reason) made my hand smack the keys on my computer and this picture was taken from my webcam.
"Yes. Im homeless Kurt. And I love you."


  1. Those pictures make me miss Utah. Kermit...get some are looking pretty ruff in that picture.

  2. I read your story on this morning and have caught up on all your posts and look forward to reading more! Also, you are a great writer!

  3. I know its you when you write a comment Tana and not Dave because you call me Kermit! It makes me miss you guys BIG TIME! And Casey thank you! You telling me that I write well has actually made this day worth being a part of. Thats very nice of you. I want to be a writer very badly. And this blog stuff I dont think is my strong suit either. So thank you so much.

  4. You will also know it's not me because tana spells rough like ruff.
    Love you mean it.

  5. You are welcome! You made my Monday, which I don't like Mondays either, a really good thank you!