Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kiwana Hang Out?!

I biked home from work on a broken bike this morning. Took it to Mad Dog cycles and it sucked. They said it would be ready Wednesday! I said "Wednesday!? What else you got?" Its not a car. Its a bike! Just fix it and give it back! Right? Anyways. So Im out my transportation until Wednesday. Ill be walking for a few days and where I used to think that was just fine before I was spoiled with a bicycle, I now find it nearly impossible!

Funny Story

Yesterday I decided to sleep at Kiwanis Park. I love that park. There are so many shady trees and its huge so I could go relatively unnoticed. Or so I thought. They mow the lawns on Mondays, which I didnt know. After having not slept for close to 24 hours I was, needless to say, passed out cold on the ground there and also had headphones in so I could fall asleep to the sweet sounds of Neutral Milk Hotel. The mowers decided they could not give up the territory they had lost to me so they went to war on me. Instead of just tapping me and waking me up, asking politely for me to move somewhere else, anywhere else, they decided to cicrle their mowers and just mow around me and around me until I noticed and woke up. And then did it a few more times for good measure! It was funny and I laughed but boy was it embarrassing to. I must have been drooling to have been sleeping so hard that it took that long for an army of mowers to wake me. I, groggy as could be, hobbled over to a picnic table and resumed my nap. But not before I noticed that there were a few pieces of freshly cut grass stuck in my mouth....


  1. Bingham Cyclery (on Center St. in Provo) is the way to go! They usually have amazingly fast service and are really there to help bikers like us out, not to make money off of us. They're great and I refuse to take my bike anywhere else!!!

  2. Oh dang it I forgot about them! Thank you for the advice! Ill be there for sure next time. Bike on!