Friday, August 6, 2010


So there are various reasons why I feel compelled to live the way that I live. One of the biggest is that I truely feel like we have too much. Too much stuff, too much opportunity, too much waste ultimately. Thats not to say that I hate rich people or loathe the American Dream, because in fact I feel like I am living the dream right now. What it does say is that I think that a lot of people these days have gotten to the point where possession and commodities, things and expendable stuffs, has worked its way in to becoming part of their identity. I dont think you can be defined by much.

When its all gone, when the glucose stores in your body have been burned up and the water in your sinew is dry, when you have been stripped of your clothes, your home, your empire, your life. When there is nothing left but this tiny thing amidst a seething little heap of nothing.... well then there you are. Thats you. I think its a very good thing to try and at least JUST ONCE in your life get closer to that. Im finding that for me, though I still have so much, my relationships and experiences are about the only things I keep as part of myself. God, its great to be alive!

Anyways, here is a small list of those worldly needs that you may not want to shed if your doing what Im doing, staying a part of polite society while at the same time separating yourself from it. Carry these things with you EVERYWHERE:

I have these things on my back AT ALL TIMES.
-Wet wipes (very handy on the go)
-Hydrogen Peroxide (this stuff is a miracle. Kills every germ every. Use it as mouth wash once a day and you'll never get sick! At least I havent)
-Toothpaste and Toothbrush
-Cologne (this is not a necessity however it does help if youre still trying to interact closely with people after long bike rides)
-Q-Tips ( I love scrubbing out my ears. This one is just for pleasure really)
-Contacts and Contact Solution
-Towel/Blanket (I use a picnic cloth that I shower with, lay out with, and use as a blanket. Very versatile)

If you have any suggestion of basics that I need that Im missing, let me know! I could use the help!


  1. love the song & your awesome!!!! glad your ok and your happy!!!! be safe & god bless...:)

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide? Hmmmm. This won't keep you from getting sick. Sorry. I wear 1 black sock, and I haven't been sick either. Like that reasoning? H2O2 is an oxidizing agent. Ever hear of anti-oxidants? They counter the cancer-causing effects of Oxidants? Swishing with H2O2 isn't smart. Signed: Your friendly Dentist.

  3. HI I moved to Utah from Vegas about 2 years ago where I had everything A $1,800 mortgage, a minivan that cost 43,000 a brandnew truck and a hotrod truck. I was making $2,000 a week as a union carpenter. Well after 2 back surgeries in 2 years I lost everything but the van(paid by 2nd mortgage). But I lost the house, all of the toys,guns,tools,computers, most importantly my family.When I moved up here i lived in my own place, but your van looks nioer(well i guess i had a toilet) My story does not relate to yours a whole lot but I was very humbled moving here. No family, no tv, no toys, no friends. After reading yours I'm considering doing the same thing in my truck.. Thanks for reading and I know you might not want to spend the money but truck stops have showers for 10 bucks and you can sneek into the showers just as someone leaves for free. Good Luck KEEP IT UP

  4. You need a small knife.